Rape: Causes And Reasons Why Rape Will Persist In Nigeria

It’s summer in Canada, and the weather is freaking hot. Beautiful girls walking around almost naked…. and very freely.
If I decide to leave my house now with just my pant and bra, no one would rape me. And if they do, no one would give them a listening ear when they chant “seduction and indecent dressing”. Their lives are as good as ruined forever. No one will blame me, and no one will ask me stupid questions about what I’m wearing.

Because I’ve got the right to dress however I want, but you haven’t got the right to touch me without my consent.
When you say men rape women because of indecent dressing, you are trying to say men lack self control.
Men lack self control.
Women have self control.
Men are like babies.
A woman should play motherly role.
Men can cheat because they are moved by what they see.
Women are precious creatures, they can’t defile their bodies.
When a man rapes his daughter or any relative, it’s a family issue. His wife should forgive him and save her marriage.
When a woman sleeps with her relative, it’s a sacrilege. She has to be disgraced and divorced.
Read this 👆 again.
Then you would see that the Nigerian society sets a significantly higher moral standard for women than they have for men.
For everything a man does, there’s an already made excuse to grab onto even before he nurtures the thought to do it.
In all other structures and settings, a head is held at a higher moral standard that those he leads.
A head should have more self control.
A head shouldn’t act like a baby.
A head should be close to perfect.
But despite the extremely low moral standards we hold men to, these same societies still went ahead to indoctrinate us that these people they have told us are like babies, that they lack self control, and are generally held to a lower moral standard are to be seen as heads.
You see what I mean when I say the Nigerian and by extension African ideologies and norms are jountly a culture of contrasting bullshits?
Reasons Why Rape Persists In Most Societies Today
1. A typical Nigerian woman who sees her husband raping her housemaid would chase the housemaid away and remain “happily” married to her husband like the virtuous wife that she is.
2. Most rape victims don’t speak out.
3. Many parents still shut their children up when they talk to them about sexual assaults.
4. Most rape victims still get blamed and asked stupid questions.
5. Only less than 1% of sex offenders get any sort of punishment in Nigeria.
For as long as wives continue to protect their rapist husbands, for as long as we keep blaming victims and making excuses for rapists, for as long as very very very few sex offenders get charged to court and punished, for as long as the punished sex offenders get light punishments, RAPE WILL NEVER END IN NIGERIA.
We’ve got a problem, and we know the solution to our problems. All we need to do is ACT!
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