BBNaija: My Ex-Boyfriend Used To Rape Me Every Time I sleep – Vandora Declarea

Another Mind Blowing Revelation from the Big Brother House as Vendora has openly made it known that her ex boyfriend always had his way without her consent.

This was disclosed by vendora while having a talk about Rape, sexual assault and consent with Dee-One, KBrule, Bam BAm, and Teddy A.
According to Vendora, her ex-Boyfriend whose name she didn’t mention would always rape her while she’s asleep. She said she never knew it was rape since they were dating at that time.
In her own very words, She had these to say
”Whenever I was asleep, I just wake up with some of my clothes missing
”Then I discovered he had already “raped” me.
”I didn’t see it as “anything”, since we were both dating.”
A warning to guys and lovers out there…
If you always have your way or make love to your girlfriend while she is asleep, unconscious, its rape.
Its a punishable offense, please desists from doing so before the law catches up with you.
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